The Balance Code

Rediscovering our Passion with Kristin Fitch

February 21, 2024 Katie Rössler Season 2 Episode 16
The Balance Code
Rediscovering our Passion with Kristin Fitch
Show Notes

What if your passion feels like a distant memory? 

Join me in this episode of the Balance Code Podcast as we delve into the journey of rediscovering our passion. Today, I talk to Transformational Life & Biz Coach and Faith-led Entrepreneur, Kristin Fitch. Kristin is also the podcast host and producer of several podcasts including: Building a Life You Love and Faith Fueled Woman. 

Together, we explore how to rediscover what excites us and brings us joy. We'll uncover strategies to reignite that inner fire and embrace life with renewed enthusiasm. Whether you're feeling stuck in a career rut or simply lost your spark, this episode offers valuable insights and practical steps to help you reignite your inner fire.

What we talked about:

  • Reflecting on past interests and curiosities, and making time for what truly excites us.
  • Conducting an audit of our lives: asking ourselves key questions to identify areas where we feel stuck or unfulfilled.
  • Overcoming objections and fears.
  • Learning to prioritize our own well-being and passions amidst societal expectations and obligations.
  • Freeing ourselves from the pressures of conforming to external standards and embracing our unique desires and aspirations.


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